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    Web site design should pay attention to what matters

    1, clear the site content before building a Web site, Web site content should first be considered, including website functions and what your target audience needs; your entire site design should focus on these aspects.
    2, seize the site
    users like easy. If not let users quickly access to your site, or operation is not convenient, Web design is a failure. Do not let users down to turn your competitor's Web site. Mondo card many years of Web design experience, known as States, habits of industry users, for you to create personalized and applicable Web sites.

    3, site styles different industries, should have a different tone and style while also taking into account customer base accepted different styles in different parts of the audience. Style of Europe and America website is a simple atmospheric, Japanese and Korean Web site was rigorous and lively. If there is no specific geographical locations, considered to be a European and American style, this is the mainstream.
    4, website optimization, content
    content is the core. If certain aspects of a Web site design is successful, but the contents are too greedy, spent, and takes a long time to find the things you want, so this cannot be regarded as a successful Web site.
    5, site promotions
    should always pay attention to the health of the site. Very good hosting with the increase of visitors, may run slowly. If you don't want to lose visitors, be sure to carefully plan your site promotion.
    6, blinking annoying
    by using logo can attract the attention of visitors to specific parts of your home page, but it also gives your visitors a headache. If you want to make visitors return to your site, use this method.
    links to 7, to avoid errors in
    site may be related to some other useful links to the site. However, if you have links on your Web pages, be sure to always check them, ensure the link is valid. Linked Web sites may be many, but do not link has nothing to do with your content on the site.
    pictures updated as often as possible replace the picture on a Web site, people are more likely to click on a picture instead of text.


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