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    How to challenge the prevailing style of website construction

      current of website construction company design website of style similar, this status had to let we thinking how breakthrough General of website construction style, today I from following points to:
    a, and imitation Han, now Korea website of template compared novel, this need we to excavations and follow, like do a tourism type of website, I wants to most network company will spread specific of module, a tofu block website framework on such birth has. But I think that this style of Web design with no new ideas, need to go beyond. So I suggest that you look at Korea's Web site template, which may be able to learn something.
    II, synthesis method, such as receiving an electronic company Web design orders, we selected from all the capital of several typical electronic sites, the advantages of these websites are then elected to form a new website design.
    three, Europe website is not desirable, rather exclusive site construction company site in Europe and America, because their page layout is simple, although easy to read but there is no content to make no fresh blood. Proposal, Europe and Korea think to do, simple but not simple.
    four, purchase the template method, many excellent websites for sale good website templates, we can spend some money to purchase, the disadvantage is another overhead, the development of the company is not very good.
    these four points can be as simple as the unconventional style of website construction, concrete was right.


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