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    Network marketing success or failure of the "gate of life"

      with the advent of online marketing, more and more companies have joined the list of network marketing comes in. But there is a basic status of network marketing is more than 95% visitors browse the site, did not take the initiative to contact enterprises, which means that with a Web site to enterprise every day there was a lot of networking opportunities. In addition, even in the online shop customer, churn rate is also very big. How can I improve customer retention? How to hold online sales turnover? Internet marketing consultant Dragon up network marketing success or failure of several "gate of life".
    cost to the extreme
    network marketing one of the big advantages is that costs can be controlled, and relatively inexpensive, and the effects are often not less than the typical practices in advertising age, such as print ads, TV ads, outdoor advertising, building digital TV commercials.
    on Taobao business day brand new display t, put the network to maximize cost advantages. In two years, he created an LCD monitor brand took a lot of efforts, sales reached 300,000 yuan each month, is called "retail bigwigs."
    like customer using paid treasure payment, paid treasure has funds stranded period, only customer received goods and recognized zhihou, to collection, t on carefully research has different logistics means of delivery speed, determine different geographical shortest of delivery cycle, and for road more far of area, on in price in the put because funds stranded and brings of cost increased accounting in, for Guangzhou and the around more near of regional, this part cost and was removed off, to to customer more low of price.
    in terms of delivery, yanggang also has some experience. Such as recently Hubei a customer ordered a 12 monitor, yanggang put the monitor into multiple packages in the past, this was done in order to quickly knot. Customer receives a package, can be carried out to confirm and complete your payment, so that if one of the packaging out of the problem, also affect only the portion of the settlement, most of the money went to quickly put in place. By maximizing the cash-flow method, yanggang higher sales at a lower cost.
    to this, yanggang thinks success lies in the low cost advantage of network marketing is your master. In addition to money, service, professional, and service protection, he felt that the most successful places are selected in line with the market positioning, the cost advantages of the product. If we are in the mainstream in the size of the product include some unique function, the cost may not be very high, but compared with the products of the same function, but it can achieve the function of upgrade at a lower price, very suitable for Internet marketing.
    network, also let businesses as we have implemented "boat small good turn" new marketing. Ming hui tea on the Internet "bubble up sell" marketing let up. General merchant iron Kwan-yin just press boxes, bags, sold by the tank, while the tea industry in meeting unique, sold by the bubble and bubble up sell, even more amazing is a bubble only 2 Yuan. Ming hui sent as much as buyers. Tie Guan Yin of the meeting such a bubble 2 net weight is 5 grams, however, because it is on the Internet, eliminating the need for other operating costs, meeting Maori can guarantee, generally around 10%.
    more unusual is that Ming hui of China tea gift box (8 over China's top tea inside) can be freely combined, buyers from top green tea, black tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, randomly selecting portfolio. So many buyers have bought dozens of packets at a time, success of the meeting.
    "no reason to return" not stupid
    network marketing because they can't meet face to face exchange of domestic information, integrity relative chaos of coupled with network marketing, network marketing, traditional marketing has more "network integrity" this trap.
    lijinsong opened a shop in Taobao-"Chinese Street" in 2007, Alibaba business section, he won the "top ten operators" title, its Alipay annual turnover has reached 5 million Yuan. He believes that Taobao shop does not need any money, just their unique business ideas. Lijinsong business ideas as "diligent, business paid letter."
    had buyers purchase more than 100,000 yuan of orders, buyer subjectively determine the goods after receipt of goods for fake and shoddy goods, request a return. Li Jinsong said nothing, but promised to return at once. Upon completion of the return program, lijinsong with my tea knowledge to each other in a professional commentary and analysis, making each other feel convincing, these buyers subsequently became his steady repeat business, there are many such cases. Lijinsong insists in return before too much explanation is pale. Believe that the premise of the quality of their products, he thinks the most important thing is to win the trust of customers.
    lijinsong with rabbits than customers, more rabbits than trees in the forests, preferring to create a good environment, waiting for a rabbit. He is the credibility of the appeal. In the ad, lijinsong such a commitment: while selling tea comes with a packet of tea samples for customers to enjoy, if customers find that the sample has gaps with imagined without any pretext, can send the product back yourself immediately for a full refund. But there is one thing, the customer cannot open the product's original packaging, Li Jinsong said "this is the only place customer to respect our", "all depends on the customer to choose to buy or leave."
    care, attentive after-sales service and customer considering marketing methods successfully for Li Jinsong breaks mistrust and estrangement in the network marketing, low cost online marketing and effectively promoting it in real trading.
    another example is, a Chinese-American Tony set up a network of shoe--Zappos, with free return service United States largest network marketing companies. Hsieh said is most often: "I was reluctant to spend money on advertising, I prefer to spend it on improving customer service. "Zappos carries out" shoes suitable to wear, suitable for "purposes, although it is not the first online shop with free returns service, but Hsieh made the service a key to Zappos Deus Ex: just one night, the goods will be sent to the Guest; if not, enjoy free returns. To this end, the transportation costs Zappos last year spent only $ 100 million. However, last year, established in 1999, Zappos has started turning the virtuous circle of losses into profits, now the site's position is similar to the footwear industry "Amazon".

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