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    Foreign trade English website construction problems and solutions

      foreign trade English website exists of frequently asked questions has:
    website design China of, not meet abroad user browse habits, led to foreigners hard found he wants to of information and browse habits, feel awkward;
    website design not professional, work rough, many English syntax errors, led to let abroad user feel the company is small is not professional and careless, and have not to its cooperation opportunities;
    website in abroad cannot open, Or abroad user open its website slow have to stand;
    website Shang of message feedback, and online advisory, and electric mail Advisory is device, user asked has half, no get reply;
    website basic optimization no do, in overseas series search engine Shang ranking by Hou, let procurement business hard found;
    website optimization do disadvantages, was search engine seal has, led to in search engine Shang find not to the website;
    ignored has abroad local user habits, Ignoring the well-known local sites and yellow pages, and other buyers commonly used tools.
    solutions to address these issues, starting with suggestions from the following:
    Web design, in line with overseas customers ' browsing habits. Note that the font size (Westerners like the smaller font), browser code (many users overseas Chinese language support is not installed, the site should be using UTF-8 encoding), detail (language of fine details, website design, etc).
    Web design reference well-known foreign companies, making a stable atmosphere, momentum to, such as IBM.com. Foreign users rarely came to the Mainland to study, a lot of information through the website to learn, if small, should make the atmosphere on the site, displaying his company's strength and professional, the company should also demonstrate their qualifications and strengths.
    Web site on overseas servers, secure user access to overseas Web site speed, if it is a global user group recommended United States hosts.
    use overseas mail or overseas high-end mail forwarding, secure global send and receive normal. Domestic mail servers because of spam problems, IP addresses are often been screened abroad, overseas mail was returned or not received, this will seriously affect normal foreign trade business.
    site to make the process of building the most basic website optimization, keyword optimization, navigation, optimization, tag optimization, keyword density must be noted that these basic configuration can also be regarded as a modern website.
    not to a second chance, to do something dishonest marketing methods, such as sending spam, search engine cheating, there are serious consequences.
    to learn more about target customer group usage. In Europe, many professional buyers using yellow pages more often than the network. Some places use B2B commerce platform is more than search engine, is the opposite in some places, there are exhibitions, according to different region habits to develop different types of network marketing program.

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