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    Web design how to prevent garbled English homepage

      China website Shang of English page, can is divided into two class, a is directly will Chinese translation into English, in Chinese GB2312 coding Xia "ornamental"
    , this situation certainly not appeared garbled, but this page only to Chinese see, on seems Chinese said Han type English as, and foreign customer access up
    due to its most using UTF-8 or Western Europe coding system, browse this English page on will appeared garbled.
    at home there are a lot of such English homepage, is tantamount to self-deception is not desirable.
    and the other is UTF-8, or Western European encoding English page, so real with foreign customers, networking role to play.
    I UTF-8, to clarify
    page <head>, ≪meta http-equiv= "Content-Type" content= "text/HTML; Charset=GB2312 ">
    changed to ≪meta http-equiv=" Content-Type "content=" text/HTML; Charset=UTF-8 "> and at the beginning of the code, add
    in some purely in the program files, At the beginning have to add the above code.
    another note,
    for generating static HTML pages, GB2312 encoded pages can use server.CreateObject ("scripting.FileSystemObject"), but the UTF-8 code page needs to use Server.CreateObject ("ADODB. Stream ").

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