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    Website plan

      a Web site's success and website before planning the building has a very important relationship. Purpose of the website should be clear before the construction site, determine the functionality of the site, determine the size of the site, input costs, make the necessary market analysis. Only careful planning can avoid many of the problems in building on the site to make website building can be carried out smoothly.
    site planning refers to the building on the site before the market analysis, determine the purposes and functions of the site, and according to the needs of website construction technology, content, cost, testing, maintenance, and planning. Site planning to plan and direct effect on the website, on the content of the Web site and maintain a role in positioning.
    site plan should cover all aspects of site planning and site planning book writing Science, serious and pragmatic.
    website contains the contents of the book are as follows:

    a construction site before the market analysis 1 and related industries market is like, what characteristics of the market, whether to conduct the company's business on the Internet.
    2, the analysis of the major competitors in the market, and its competitor network site planning, function.
    3, the company's own analysis, company profiles, market advantage, utilizing the Web to improve competitiveness, building the capacity of sites (costs, technical, human, etc).
    II, construction site purpose and function of
    1, why building a website, is designed to promote products, e-commerce, or establishing industry-related website? Is an extension of enterprise needs or marketing?
    2, integrated resources, determine the function of the site. According to the company's needs and plans, and determine the function of the site: product promotion, online marketing, customer service, e-commerce and so on.
    3, according to the website features Web site should meet the objective function.
    4, the internal network (Intranet), and scalability of the site.
    c, Web technology solutions
    site features Web site technology solutions.
    1, using build server, or rent virtual hosts.
    2, choose your operating system, use unix,Linux or Window2000/NT. Analysis of cost, functionality, development, stability, and security.
    3, the use of systemic solutions (such as IBM,HP) and other companies to provide enterprise Internet solutions, e-commerce solutions? Or your own development.
    4, site security, hacker, antivirus programmes.
    5, related to program development. Web application such as ASP, JSP, CGI, database program.
    , Web content planning 1, in accordance with the purpose and functionality of the site content, general business Web site should include: company profile, products, services, content, pricing information, contact details, online orders, and other basic elements.
    2, e-commerce sites to provide registration, detailed product information, search queries, order confirmation, payment, personal information, security measures, and other related assistance.
    3, if the website more columns, consider using Web programming specialist responsible for relevant content. Note: the Web site content is the most important factor sites attract visitors, no content or no useful information not scanned visitors. Prior to investigate the information people want to read, and after publishing the site investigation about satisfaction with Web site content in order to adjust site content.
    , Web design 1, homepage design, art design, Web art design is generally consistent with the image of the whole enterprise, must conform to the CI specifications. Application Note Web color, pictures and layout planning, keeping the overall consistency of the page.
    2, in the adoption of new technology to take into account the main target audience, geographical distribution, age classes, network speed, reading habits, and so on.
    3, develop a page redesign, such as six months to a year to conduct a large-scale revision. Site maintenance VI
    1, servers and related hardware and software maintenance, to assess the problems that may arise, develop response time.

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