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    TEL: 400-807-6757
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    Site construction company doing business

      website construction this industry has flooded has, if single do this project, so difficulty quite big, and now most of enterprise or individual, on website construction this a ten is shut out, as now domestic some well-known of website construction company:
    in the enterprises power such big of company are hard carried out business, according to I personal analysis, can obtained following several conclusion:
    1, and China e-commerce in development period, company, and individual or personal, There are quite a few people did not really understand the mode of e-commerce on the Internet.
    2, and has part company has established has himself of website, can now website construction company of e-commerce solution programme not built full, network marketing knowledge lack, built has website received has money Hou and no for enterprise take related of network marketing programme and the on its website for maintenance, makes website of access volume low, no reached a "electronic brand" of publicity effect, enterprise investment in also not see returns. Through friends or customers as Word, and all had difficult enterprises website even more difficult.
    3, network marketing, e-commerce in the country just Hin up, due to intense competition, does not have sufficient market orientation, the construction price in such a mess: is mainly reflected in China's network security technology is not yet in place, Server firewall can't really stop hackers, hackers can easily steal source code of the Web site from the server, then on the network to sell at low prices.
    4, if you want a foothold in the market in this business, you have to solve some practical problems, related publicity and promotional activities, the most important is how many orders do not expect to have in a short time, to build their own networks "Electronics brand" and other related businesses. This difficulty will be reduced a lot.

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