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    Guide page on the website of the

      when we're constantly logging on a Web site is stopped in its tracks by Guide page, this site is particularly evident at the beginning of the Decade of the last century, especially in corporate websites, almost every website has a FLASH card used to display business information guide page. Such a Guide page for the site is not much favourable place, it can be said that one of the introductory pages were merely a gimmick, and enterprises in order to more of our show pages a little practical effect stunt and the gimmicks are not always attract enough attention, or even in many cases is the opposite result.
    If Guide page above of "SKIP" button enough obviously words, visitors on can without spent Shang many of time to waiting for such a almost no any meaning of FLASH loaded page, but facts is many of FLASH Guide page do have does not good, so has too more of when visitors are are had to spent Shang many time to waiting for that FLASH Guide page of loaded finished, so many when visitors are will select Exit this website.
    enterprise are select in himself of website Shang put a Guide page of of practices problem actually is not is big, because Enterprise website of visitors groups basically is fixed of, enterprise of customer or is became of customer, on some such of visitors groups for, Guide page on they of effect and is unlikely to, because they has established of target, because Enterprise website in has they must to understand of information, so they on must to bear this copies waiting for, and from currently of Internet e-commerce field for, Business communication with customers more or through an interview or phone instead of the Internet. Of course, this may also be because some visitors who will become customers can't stand losing potential customers and enterprises.
    but if the boot page appear in the information on the Web site of yet?
    there is no doubt that this is absolutely the wrong thing to do!
    page is to a Web site is no different from the front door to home, opened this truth to the entire world the owner should know, if guests visited master to not go to the door, instead of guests to the door itself is required to come in, it is extremely rude to the guests.
    imagine if the above occurs in the information on such Web site, that will be a result?
    there is no doubt that user in line loss, which amounted to a devastating blow for the site.
    Internet is a "content for King" of place, so those was information full of portal website of access rate high (certainly like Google such of function sex website exception), user access website of is important of factors is Gets information, how will information to a more fast more detailed of way rendering to user is website builders are need kept thinking with pursuit of, so on has has RSS, and based on AJAX technology of page layout,.
    in this context, any number of obstacles users quickly and efficiently get the information detail can lead to loss of user groups, and Guide page is one of the "killer"!
    , of course, doesn't mean that boot page useless, for those who is not a content page on the show's Web site, the completion of Guide page is good it's responsibility, of course you have to without causing distress cases to the user.
    the good news is, using less and less sites Guide page, more and more Web sites begin to take into account the user's experience.

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