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    Differences and similarities between Web design and graphic design

    design to convey the way traditional graphic design about the page composition, layout, layout, performance space, and Web design is the application of these elements.
    Web design and traditional graphic design in terms of Visual communication is a lot of similarities, but there is a big difference in technology.
    Web design is a traditional graphic design and Visual effects using the combination of Internet technology and, so to say Web design combines the art of graphic design and Web technology.
    important feature is the combination of Web design and graphic design there cannot be achieved.
    traditional graphic design works, mostly in the form of printed graphic and Web design works are display performance and transmission bandwidth restrictions on the process.
    General printing is based on the pigment of the subtraction principle, design the color mode to CMYK, and computer monitor color synthesis principle is to shade the addition principle, is the RGB mode, use the same color, but in a different color mode, show the effect of chromatic aberration.
    is limited by bandwidth, image processing is also different in the Web design to graphic design, in order to speed up the download speed on the premise of maintaining image quality we want to reduce the file size as much as possible, and not like a graphic design in the pursuit of quality regardless of the file size of the image.
    as a qualified Web Designer, Web graphics, should be done on the premise of maintaining clear image, minimize the file size of the picture.
    composition of the page layout and graphic composition with a lot of similarities, but due to technical limitations, a page composition is far less aplomb than graphic design.
    in graphic design to put the object into a position when simply drag can be completed.
    in Web design wanted to locate certain objects, you must have HTML language support only.
    so when in Web design, in addition to a good idea, should also take into account the technical feasibility.
    a page composition composition is the biggest difference with the traditional plane technical feasibility.
    , design work will eventually be transferred over the network to the client, after download, then use the browser, works will be limited by the bandwidth monitor.
    and all pages back-end languages are HTML based, supplemented by programs written in JavaScript or VBScript, some dynamic effects will have a greater degree of difficulty.
    , Web designers in designing innovative solutions, to consider whether technology can achieve.
    If you simply go in Visual ideas, while ignoring technical limitations, a loss, it is a good idea also to give up.
    implementing creative Web design, Web design is worthless to the composition. Function of
    traditional graphic design work is to communicate certain information or claims purposes. Web design Web design is in line with the content of the Web site design, and not simply for performance art and design.
    other than has the function of graphic design works, and important function of guidance and connections, that page has a lot of action and interaction.
    Web design with traditional graphic design is the biggest difference the operability of the Web page.
    the operability of the Web pages is via the links between pages.
    links to so-called structure refers to the relationship of mutual links between Web pages.
    links to select the appropriate structures on various pages throughout the site designed to have a very big role. If
    links structure using bad word, would prevent the important information from visitor access, which would be contrary to the purpose of Web designers.
    in the production of a site will have a page named index.html, we generally call it "Home".
    When you browse a Web site, after you enter the URL in the browser's address bar, directly open the page is named index.html and its role on the same directory as the book.
    you are looking for information on the book experience, generally speaking we would open the directory to search for information on the location of the book in order to find information more quickly.
    Similarly, if our website is is a book, then "Home" is the contents of the book, its role is to enable us to find the information you want to find as soon as possible.
    and many people who design sites when the site is very beautiful, but let people access to start browsing.
    want to find from this site they are interested in the contents of what have been difficult to find, although much of this site for this purpose, but is not found or it is cumbersome to find.
    This is introductory and operational importance.

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